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Welcome to Physiotherapy care -

One of the most Modern Physiotherpay Clinic

As stated by Ralph Hammond and Julie Dawn Wheeler - Physiotherapist come into the profession because they have an underlying sense - and commitment to - helping others and improving their quality of life.

Physiotherapy is a science based medical subject that look at how the body moves, how muscles, bones, joints and ligaments work and how they react to pain and trauma.

Based on the problems, treatment varies individually. Different types of methods of physiotherapy which are used in treatment include but not limited to the following -

1. Exercise
2. Manual Therapy
3. Education
4. Specialized treatments
5. Cold and Ice
6. Heat
7. Hydrotherapy
8. Ultrasound
9. Electrical Simulation

It is very important for patients to continue doing their excercises at home as advised by the Doctor.